5 Mistakes Bloggers Often Make

MistakesBloggers can have the best intentions and still find that their sought after audience eludes them. It is not enough to publish a few good pieces of content. There are some basic mistakes that are frequently made. Here are five of them:

  1. Using a confusing title. We might come up with something clever and that makes sense in terms of the post, but this may confuse our potential audience. Many people choose whether or not to read our posts after just a quick glance at the title.
  2. Not sharing the post on social media. Of course our ultimate hope is that Google and other search engines will drive people to our content. But before that happens, we need to be active in sharing our own content and putting it in front of our audience.
  3. Not including share buttons. I still come across blogs that have good content that I want to share but there are no social sharing buttons anywhere. Make it easy for your audience to share.
  4. Ignoring SEO. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important. Search engines can be our best friend but we need to cooperate. There are basic SEO practices that we dare not ignore.
  5. Only promoting our own content. We want others to share our content and this means that we need to share other people’s content. Comment on blogs, share on social media, do all the things that you wish others did for you.

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