Good News: Blessed With a Great Wife

Stephen BedardI have been experiencing a flare in my sarcoidosis in recent months. A month or so ago my respirologist increased my prednisone to try and knock it back into remission. While the prednisone has brought back my diabetes, it has not improved my sarcoidosis symptoms. In fact, my sarcoidosis is actually worse now than it was on the low does of prednisone.

I thought this was supposed to be a Good News post? It is and I will get there.

Last night when I went to bed I was feeling pretty rough. This morning I was feeling even worse. This is a problem because today is Sunday and I’m a pastor and this is the one day I have to go to work.

As I was laying on the bed feeling quite ill, Amanda asked how she could help. I have been stubborn in the past and refused help. But I was ready this time.

I asked Amanda to lead the service for me at Queen Street Baptist Church. She didn’t have to do it. It’s not her job. But she did it without a word of complaint about it being last minute. So Amanda led the service this morning, while I preached my sermon. I had enough strength to preach but was wiped as soon as I was done. I couldn’t have done it without Amanda. Amanda did a fantastic job leading.

I recently had a post published at The Mighty titled The Importance of Having a Supportive Family When Living With Chronic Illness. I’m truly blessed to have Amanda as my wife and as my support. She is the best!

And that is definitely Good News.

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