How to Make the Most of Twitter

Twitter can be a great way to promote your blog. While I have not found the same numbers as I do when it comes to Facebook, Twitter should be an important contribution to promoting your blog. The advantage of Twitter over Facebook is that Twitter audiences have patience for more content posting than Facebook.

There are things that you can do that can set yourself up for success on Twitter.

  • Put some thought into your profile picture and cover photo. Make sure you don’t look like an automated account created to spam.
  • You want to gather as many followers as possible. This usually means following other people first. Realize that there two types of people on Twitter. Some who will try to follow back as many legitimate accounts that follow them and some, who even if they have a million followers, will only follow a dozen people they consider worthy. Follow some thought leaders, even if they won’t follow you back, but also seek out people who will follow you.
  • Don’t purchase Twitter follows. Don’t do it.
  • Follow people on Twitter who have similar interests as you and who are involved in the same sort of blogging.
  • Include a link to your website or blog in your profile information.
  • Consider having a common graphic theme on your Twitter account, Facebook page and website.
  • Share other people’s content and not just your own. Become a person who wants to promote quality content and not someone who is just self-serving. Plus when people see you share their content, they are more likely to share your content.
  • Tweet consistently. Don’t tweet ten times in one day and wait another eight months before the next burst. Even tweeting once a day will be good. People will unfollow if you seem inactive.
  • Don’t tweet too frequently. While Twitter has more patience than Facebook, I have unfollowed people who put out ten tweets in five minutes. If I all I see are tweets from one person in my feed, I will unfollow.
  • Tweet your own content. You want to tweet other people’s content, but tweeting your own is good too. If you tweet four times in a day, try to make at least one tweet a link to something on your site.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags don’t work great on Facebook but they can be helpful on Twitter. There are people looking for certain hashtags.
  • Tag people who are relevant to your tweet. If my blog post deals with another person and they are linked to in the post, I will tag them in the tweet. Very often they will retweet as a result of this.

What strategies do you find helpful on Twitter?

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