Justice League vs Teen Titans – Review


Justice League vs Teen Titans

I had been looking forward to seeing the animated Justice League vs Teen Titans movie. From my comic collecting days, the Justice League and New Teen Titans were some of my favourites.

I finally had an opportunity to watch it.

This movie reflects the latest DC reboot and so a number of the characters are different than I remember. Cyborg is a member of the Justice League and not the Teen Titans and Batman’s son Damian is the new Robin. Superman’s girlfriend is not Lois Lane but Wonder Woman.

First the good. It is nicely animated. It just so happened that right after watching this, my son and I watched an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series. We some times take for granted how far animation has come. This movie was beautifully animated.

The nostalgic part of me also appreciated the opening scenes with the Hall of Justice and the attack by the Legion of Doom. Such great nods to the Superfriends of my childhood.

It was logical to use the Titan’s foe Trigon, as he is an enemy who could easily pose a threat to both teams.

Having said that, I was somewhat disappointed in the movie. First of all, the title is very misleading. It is not really about the Justice League vs Teen Titans at all. The only scene where they fight lasts about twenty seconds.

The movie also seemed to lack heart. I understand that it was really about Damian Wayne learning that he needs others. But the only character development that takes place is with Damian and Raven. But considering the movie uses only a small number of characters from both teams, more could have been done.

This is not limited to this movie but the idea of Cyborg as a member of the Justice League rather than the Teen Titans has always bugged me. I understand that we need a more diverse team in this day and age. But to me, using John Stewart as the Green Lantern makes much better sense.

Justice League vs Teen Titans is not a horrible movie.

For those like myself who are not as familiar with the current DC Universe, it may be difficult to connect. Still it is a beautifully animated and at times fun superhero movie.

But if you want a better Justice League vs Teen Titans story, I recommend this one.

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