The Defenders – Review

Marvel’s Defenders are not near as much of a household name as the Avengers. Who are the Defenders? They have had quite the revolving roster. The first Defenders comic I ever bought included Doctor Strange and the Hulk.

Knowing the comics does not really help the audience of the Netflix Defenders. All you need is to have watched the individual series on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.



Each of these series have paved the way for the Defenders series. The conflict with the Hand, introduced in Daredevil and Iron Fist, plays a major part in the Defenders.

I was very much looking forward this and I wasn’t disappointed. I thought they did a fantastic job of bringing together, not just the heroes, but the supporting casts from each of the series.

The Defenders are a very different group from the Avengers. No god or war heroes here. These are the working man’s heroes. Even though Danny Rand (Iron Fist) is a billionaire, he didn’t grow up with the money and he comes across as an average guy wanting to do the right thing.

The story was great and the interaction between the characters was fun. In the comics, Iron Fist and Luke Cage had a comic together. Here, we get to see their friendship developing (even somewhat reluctantly).

One of the things that I appreciated was the theme of longing for eternal life and fear of death. There were all kinds of philosophical reflections between the kung fu fighting.

Being an eight-part series was perfect. Any longer would have been dragging and any shorter would have robbed from the story.

It was a fun series that was some of the best super hero TV I have seen in a while. Definitely worth watching.

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