Thoughts on Star Trek: Season 3


Star Trek

I have been enjoying watching the original Star Trek series from the 1960s. I had thought that I had seen all the episodes but having now concluded the series, I realize that I had not.

Now that I have watched all three seasons, I can say confidently that the second season was the best. I can also say that the third episode was the worst.

When I was watching the second season, I could not wait to see the next episode.

Watching the third season, it would sometimes be weeks between episodes.

The writing was really uneven. Sometimes they tried too hard and sometimes they didn’t try hard enough. There were a few good episodes but others were painful to watch.

The third season was lucky to have been made as Star Trek was cancelled after the second season. Having watched the third season, I’m not surprised that it didn’t get picked up for the fourth.

Still, Star Trek has a special place in my memories and I at least had nostalgic pleasure watching it. My next step will be watching the animate series. I don’t think I have ever seen episodes from it before.

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