Alien – Revisited

I have not watched the latest movie in the Alien series but I thought I would rewatch the original movie, Alien. Watching it again, I can’t believe that this movie is from 1979 (I was 11 when it was released).

Many movies don’t stand the test of time and feel very dated. Alien still looks amazing almost forty years later. For example, I have tremendous nostalgic love for Star Wars: A New Hope, but as great as the story is, the special effects aren’t great. Not so with Alien.

I would consider Alien to be one of the top science fiction movies ever made. In many ways, it is the perfect blend of horror and science fiction. But the horror is not based on gore (chest busting scene excepted) as much as sense of anticipation of what will happen. Even having watched about a half dozen times in the past, I was unable to relax on the couch.

One of the interesting things about Alien is its rating. This movie is rated R. I rewatched the movie with my son and had no problem with it (I wouldn’t normally watch an R-rated movie with my son). There is very little profanity, not a lot of violence (compared to most action movies) and no nudity. Standards have changed radically from the 1970s until now. It takes much more for an R-rating.

I really enjoyed watching this movie again. It has a great story, interesting characters, fantastic special effects and it creates a universe that has been picked up in many other movies.

This won’t be the last time I watch Alien.

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