What a Rush!

Classic Albums LiveThis should have been a rotten day. We have been trying to buy a house and today we found out it wouldn’t work. Part of this was because of results of a home inspection that revealed some things that would have been major headaches if we had bought it.

We were still disappointed and were not expecting a very good day. Then, things turned around (although not on the house front).

After work, I picked up my cousin Rob, since I heard he was going to the same concert as us tonight. Rob is the closest I have had to a brother as he was the cousin who lived near me and was close in age.

For some reason, Rob and my son Justus connect amazingly well. Justus always loves seeing “cousin Rob.” Part of that is because Rob plays guitar and likes the same classic rock as I do. Rob took some time to show Justus some things on the guitar.

Stephen BedardLater, the three of us headed downtown to watch Classic Albums Live perform Rush’s 2112, as well as a number of their other Rush classics. I love 2112, and they did an amazing job of reproducing the album “cut for cut, note for note.” They are fantastic musicians, duplicating not only the music, but even Geddy Lee’s unique vocals.

But this was important for more than a good concert. This was Justus’ first concert ever. He had never been to anything like this. Justus loves Rush and he was blown away by the concert. The smile on his face and his excitement made me feel good. I’m not the perfect dad, but tonight I felt like we did right.

So we are still looking for a house and we still have details to work out. But today ended on a much higher note that I could ever have expected.


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