Why Should You Consider Using a Blog Coach?

Blog CoachingA blog coach is someone who helps and guides bloggers to be more effective in their blogging. But why bother with a blog coach? Isn’t enough to write an interesting post and just hit publish?

I can think of a number of reasons to use a blog coach:

  • The point of blogging is not just write posts but to connect our content with readers.
  • There are some small changes that can dramatically affect how many people read our posts.
  • If we are going to take the time to write, we should do it with excellence.
  • The blogosphere is a crowded place and bloggers need to work smarter (not just harder) to be noticed.
  • Social media and search engine optimization keep changing the rules and it is difficult to keep up.
  • Coaches look at many different blogs and can pull from the best of them.
  • Coaches are usually bloggers themselves who have learned by making mistakes.
  • Our time is worth enough that we should do what is required for our content to achieve the goals they were designed for.

Why do I share this? Well, I have started coaching Christian bloggers and I’m offering my services to people who are interested. But even if you choose not to take advantage of my services, I encourage you to work with a blog coach to make the best of your blogging activity.

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