Good News: A Spiritual Potluck

PotluckBaptists sometimes joke that potluck meals are another sacrament alongside communion and baptism. I actually think there is a good biblical basis for the importance of the church eating together. But that is for another day.

The concept of a potluck meal is that everyone brings in something and together we share and enjoy each other’s tastes in food. We have a very multicultural church and so our potluck’s are amazing!

Today I tried something at Queen Street Baptist Church that I had experimented with at First Baptist Church, Meaford years ago. What if we applied the potluck principle to our worship service?

Queen Street Baptist ChurchThe idea is to open up the service so that people in the congregation can bring their own contribution to the service. So people had the opportunity to suggest songs, suggest Bible passages, read poems or give a testimony. It was fantastic. We even had people involved who were new to the church. It was great to get so many people involved.

Of course, we had a traditional potluck lunch as well. It was fun to sit and chat with people around the table, enjoying ethnic food and good company. It was a great morning at church.

This is my Good News.

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