5 Day Christian Blogging Challenge: Day 4

The ultimate situation for your blog should be to receive the majority of its traffic from search engines. One of the most rewarding experiences is when you have come back from a vacation and have not been actively sharing your content and you see that search engines have been driving readers to your blog without you sharing on social media. It was this shift that really made a difference in my blog.

But until that happens, social media is still one of your best friends. I see the search engine traffic but I try to supplement that with social media sharing as much as I can. Even with all the change in algorithms, social media is still a tremendous tool.

What social media should you use? There are many out there and part of it depends on the nature of your blog. In this post I’m going to focus on Facebook and Twitter.


Even if you don’t like Facebook personally, not using Facebook to promote your blog is a lost opportunity. I would like to share the following ideas for using Facebook:

  • Use your personal Facebook account for sharing your blog posts.
  • Start a Facebook page for your blog. Work at getting people to like your page. One method I found helpful was inviting everyone who sent me a a Facebook friend request like to my page.
  • Don’t just share your own content on your page. A good rule of thumb is to post four times a day, three of other people’s content related to your topic and one of your own.
  • Consider cutting and pasting a blurb from the content when you post the link, to help motivate people to read the post.
  • Join Facebook groups related to your topic. Check their rules for posting links as some are more open than others. Add some value to your link by asking a question or starting a discussion. Consider starting your own group.
  • Record videos and post them directly to Facebook. Facebook loves videos right now, but post directly to Facebook rather than (or in addition to) posting to YouTube. Facebook will make sure a Facebook video is seen much more than a YouTube link.


It takes some time to get into Twitter but once you get used to it, it is a great way to share content.

  • As with Facebook, don’t just share your own content. Share other people’s content and they will likely share your content.
  • Tag people who you talk about in your content and they will likely share what you post.
  • Be aggressive in following people with similar interests.
  • Follow both thought leaders in your area of interest but also follow other people who are likely to follow you back.
  • Twitter has more patience than Facebook for frequent posts but don’t go overboard. Try to space out your posts.
  • Read my post How to Make the Most of Twitter.

Your challenge is to develop a social media strategy for sharing your content. One tool that I use and recommend is Buffer. You can schedule interesting posts (your own and others) to appear at appropriate time.

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