Why I’m Thankful For Our Church Building

Queen Street Baptist ChurchIt is common to hear churches criticized for the amount of money invested in church buildings. There are some congregations that have taken the stand that they will never own a building. They will either meet in homes or rent space at a school or another facility. Money toward buildings is seen as taking away from real ministry.

I will admit that there is some spending on buildings that makes me uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean that I’m against church buildings. I have seen and experienced the benefits of having a church building.

The church where I pastor has a good size building. It is old (over a century) but has been kept in good shape. Yes, there are costs to maintain the building but there is a cost to other congregations who rent.

I’m thankful for our building because it gets used for good things. Yes that includes worship services, Bible studies and prayer meetings, but other things as well.

We host Out of the Cold at our church on Saturday nights. This is a time for the homeless to have a hot meal and warm place to sleep. The need for this ministry is continually growing.

This past week, circumstances led us being asked to open our doors on another night that we are not normally scheduled for. Because we have the building, we were able to do this and again people had a warm and dry place to sleep.

Our church building is not a drain from our real ministry. Our church building is an important part of our real ministry.

This is not a criticism of those congregations who have a conviction to not own a building but it is another perspective that we need to keep in mind. I’m thankful that we have a church building that is available for the opportunities come our way.

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