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Iron Fist

I have been enjoying the various Marvel series that have been appearing on Netflix. I was looking forward to Iron Fist, the final character that will be appearing in the future Defenders series.

But then the Iron Fist reviews started coming out. The “experts” were saying that Iron Fist was really bad.
This took out much of the anticipation that I had about watching the series. But since I really want to see what they will do with the Defenders, I decided to endure the Iron Fist series.

I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike Luke Cage, which I almost gave up on after the first episode, I really enjoyed Iron Fist right from the beginning. All through the season, my wife and I kept looking at each other, asking why people were hating this series.

I would put Iron Fist above both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and right among both seasons of Daredevil. There was something about the naiveté and innocence of Danny Rand that drew me in. Add to that some awesome kung fu fights and we got a winner. I would describe Iron Fist as a cross between Daredevil and Arrow with a bit of Gotham thrown in.

I also liked that, unlike Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Danny wanted to use his powers to make a difference. He may have struggled with the exact nature of his calling, but he knew he was to be a force for good.

In addition, the Hand (previously seen in Daredevil) made an interesting foe for Danny. Plus Harold Meachum was an interesting character who was always keeping us guessing as to his true motives. David Wenham sure plays a different character from his Faramir in the Lord of the Rings movies.

So if you are skipping Iron Fist just because some critics hated it, I would encourage you to give it another chance.

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