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Star Trek

I just finished watching the second season of Star Trek (the original series). This was a season that introduced much into the Star Trek mythology. It was in this season that Chekov first appeared and became a major character. Although the red shirts did quite well in the first season, it was in the second season that many of them did not return from the landing party.

The first episode of this season, Amok Time, was one of my favourites. This episode gave us our first glimpse of the Vulcan planet as well as hand greeting for “Live long and prosper.” In a later episode, we meet Spock’s parents with his father played by the same actor who played the Romulan in season one. Klingons, who were introduced in the first season, made a number of return appearances.

Some of my favourite episodes included Mirror, Mirror, where we meet a an Enterprise crew from a parallel universe and A Piece of the Action, which features a planet based on 1920s Chicago gangsters. This season really was inspired by historical ideas. In addition to the planet of the gangsters, we also have a planet of Nazis. There were also two planets that were naturally parallels of Earth. One in which the Americans and the communists were devastated by chemical warfare and another one where the Roman Empire never fell. As a Christian, I appreciated the message of the Roman episode (Bread and Circuses), with the followers of the Son.

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation may appreciate that Diana Muldaur, who played Dr. Pulasky, appears in this season of the original series.

Overall, it was a very good season. The final episode was meant to lead off into a spinoff series based on a Dr. Who-like character, but that didn’t happen. It might be an idea for a future Star Trek movie or TV series.

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