Logan – Review

In X-Men: Apocalypse, the young Jean Grey makes a comment about the third movie always being the worst. Unfortunately, that was the case for those prequels. However, it is not the case for the solo Wolverine films.

Many people hated the first Wolverine movie, although I enjoyed it. The second one was better but the final instalment, Logan, is the best of the bunch.

Logan is rated R and there is language and plenty of violence. Having seen Deadpool, also rated R, I much prefer Wolverine. Deadpool was just vulgar and crude, while Wolverine was gritty and violent.
Logan takes place in 2029, a time when most mutants are gone. An ailing Logan is caring for an elderly Professor X, who is in even worse shape. A young girl, very much like Logan, is brought into their life. Thus begins a dangerous and unpredictable road trip.

Hugh Jackson does a great job of a tired and sick Wolverine. He does not want to be a hero but his destiny pulls him back in. Laura, the young with Wolverine-like powers, was pretty interesting. Yes it is disturbing to watch a young girl kill a dozen bad guys in a couple of minutes, but this is not meant to be a feel good movie.

I actually thought that Patrick Stewart stole the show. The other X-Men movies with him did not give him much room to show off his skill. This movie gives many sides to Professor X, seeing him both at his most powerful and most human. This is one of the best roles that I have seen from Patrick Stewart.

I don’t know where the X-Men franchise is going but Logan is a satisfying conclusion to the story of Wolverine.

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