Good News: Break a Leg

My son Justus broke his leg on Friday. What? How in the world is that Good News? What kind of dad am I?

Let me back up. On Friday, we received a call from the school that Justus had been hurt. We live just around the corner from the school so we hurried over. Justus was still laying on the field and the ambulance hadn’t arrived yet. Justus had been playing football with his friends during recess and something had happened and everyone heard a loud snap.

FamilyJustus was taken to the hospital and x-rays confirmed the sound that he had indeed broken his leg. His leg was set, a cast put one and he was sent home with crutches.

So where is the Good News?

The Good News is that it is bringing the family together. I have seen some neat things happening between Justus and his sister Emma. They don’t always get along but Emma has a tender heart and she is being a great sister to Justus. And Justus is letting her.

Amanda is doing a fantastic job with Justus. Justus feels a lot of anxiety about his injury and he could easily withdraw to doing the least possible. Amanda pushes him within reasonable limits and it is amazing to see Justus thriving minutes after loudly complaining that he couldn’t do what Amanda had just told him to do. At this moment Justus is wheeling around the house in a wheelchair, pretending he is driving some motorized vehicle.

Many people have expressed their well wishes and prayers for a quick recovery. Of this we are thankful. This is our Good News.

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