Gotham Season 2 – Review



After not being sure about the first couple of episodes of the first season, I have really begun to enjoy Gotham. If you are not familiar with the series, it is about a young Jim Gordon and a younger Bruce Wayne (just after his parents were killed). In many ways, Gotham is to Batman what Smallville was to Superman.

This season is quite a bit different from the first season. There is much more of a sampling of the Batman mythology in terms of characters and villains. I like what they have been doing with them. In this season, we find Edward Nygma’s (Riddler) embrace of his criminal life. One of the main villains in this season is Hugo Strange (don’t call him Doctor Strange). He is in charge of Arkham Asylum and he uses his access to the inmates for his own purpose, one that leads to the birth of familiar supervillains. We also see some of the characters who had died returning to life. As in the comics, dead does not always mean dead.

Azrael is one of the important characters in this season. In the comics he took on the mantle of Batman for a while when Bruce Wayne was incapacitated before taking on the identity of Azrael. In Azrael, we see the first glimpse of a caped man dressed in black performing amazing feats. This is something that Bruce sees as well and is presumably inspired by it.

I really enjoyed season two of Gotham and I’m looking forward to the third season.

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