Luke Cage – Review


Luke Cage

I loved the first two seasons of Daredevil and I thought Jessica Jones was pretty good. Luke Cage was introduced in Jessica Jones and it was natural that I would want to watch his series. I like what Marvel is doing in bringing together these characters to eventually form the Defenders.

I must confess that I watched the first episode of Luke Cage and then stopped watching. Why? They seemed to work too hard to be more “mature” by including some nudity and cranking up the language. I especially struggled with the generous use of the n-word.

Beyond that, I actually found the first episode rather boring. I eventually returned to the series and found the first third or so of the season to be uninteresting. Too much time was being put into giving the audience a sense of the Harlem culture. While that is not bad, after a while I was ready for some action.

The series did begin to improve dramatically. There was no more nudity and the pace picked up. I didn’t care much for the Cottonmouth character but I did like Diamondback as a bad guy.

A few highlights included Shades saying to Diamondback (Willis Stryker), “Whatch you talking about Willis?” I also loved how the flashback to Luke Cage’s origin included him in his original outfit from the comics. That costume was never a good idea.

Overall, I appreciated the development in Luke Cage’s character and his journey to embrace his role as a hero. I look forward to seeing him in the Defenders.

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