Thor Revisited



I recently rewatched the first Thor movie. Thor has always been one of my favourite Marvel characters, probably because I really enjoy mythology. I’m glad that Marvel made Thor a priority for their cinematic universe.

Watching the movie again, with many Marvel movies having been released since then, it was interesting to compare. Thor is definitely not of the quality of the Captain America movies or the first two Iron Man movies (I didn’t care for the third one). At the same time, it is not the worst superhero movie ever made.

The relationship with Jane Foster was rather boring and I’m not disappointed that she won’t be appearing in the third Thor movie. However, the portrayal of Loki more than makes up for any of the other weaknesses of the movie. Loki’s motives are complicated and the audience is both able to sympathize with him and be happy when he is defeated by Thor.

I like the design of Asgard. It had both a mythological and an alien feel to it. There were aspects that really had a Jack Kirby feel to it. Overall, I enjoyed Thor and was happy to watch it again a number of years after my first viewing. It makes me eager to rewatch the second movie and to watch the third.

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