We Bought a Condo!

One of the most satisfying moments in our life was when we moved from renting to becoming homeowners. I would much rather pay into a mortgage than to pay rent to someone else. We owned a house in Meaford and then in Cambridge.

However, during our time in Cambridge I was only employed part-time for much of that period. Things got tight financially. As a result, when we move to St. Catharines, we went back to renting. It felt like a huge step backwards. As I approach my 50th birthday, I really did not want to remain renting for long.

Thankfully that time is coming to an end. We have been looking at houses and we have now bought a condominium townhouse. I will confess that I didn’t want a condo as I didn’t want to pay extra fees in addition to our mortgage. Amanda expected me to completely reject the idea.

However, the house we looked at was exactly what I wanted. Unlike other houses we looked at, I had no concerns about it. It also ends up that having a condo is a benefit. My health is not great right now and caring for a property is not on the top of my list. The services provided by the condominium agreement frees me up to focus on family and my job at the church. It ends up that buying a condo is the best of both the buying and renting worlds.

All of this is to say that we are excited to move. Some have wondered if this meant we were moving away. Not at all. We love Queen Street Baptist Church and we are remaining in St. Catharines. Buying in St. Catharines is part of our commitment to remain in this community.

So please pray for us as we make our big move, that all would go well and that our children would get used to the new neighbourhood.

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