5 Things the Justice League Movie Got Right

Justice League

Some critics may not have liked the Justice League movie. The Justice League movie may not have quite made as much money as they wanted the opening weekend.

But the Justice League movie did get some things right.

1. Batman can be serious and strong but not completely depressing. Ben Affleck is the perfect balance of the Michael Keaton and Christian Bale versions of Batman.

2. Aquaman doesn’t have to be boring. Not many people claim Aquaman as their favourite superhero. He has often been portrayed as a bit of a joke. Not only did I enjoy his appearance in Justice League, I’m looking forward to his solo movie.

3. The Flash can have more than just cool powers. While the Flash’s powers might be cooler than Aquaman’s, his personality (at least as Barry Allen) has not always. This movie had an extra challenge in that there is a well done and popular TV version of the same character. How do you do something interesting without copying the TV series? Well, they did with the Flash in the Justice League. Well done.

4. They did not rely on CGI to the detriment of character interaction. From the trailers I feared that the CGI and other special effects would be the focus of the story. I was wrong. It was the interaction between the characters that kept the story going.

5. A superhero movie can be just fun. I’m not sure what the critics were looking for. But when I walked out of the theatre, I came out feeling good, having been entertained thoroughly by good old fashion superhero adventure. It didn’t bother me that my philosophy of life hadn’t been overturned.

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