Three Easy Steps to Improving the SEO of Your Blog

What is SEO?

SEOSEO is search engine optimization and it is about taking steps to help search engines find your content. While it is nice that people click on your links when you share on social media, ultimately you want the search engines to be doing the work of getting people to you. This doesn’t happen by accident.

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Whether you are just starting out as a blogger or have been blogging for years, it is never too early or too late to improve your SEO. The great thing is that it is not really that hard to do. Even if you have a large archive with older posts, you can make these changes to all your posts from now on.

Improving SEO

What I’m going to share you should be able to do in two minutes for each of your posts from now on. You might want to go back and make these changes with your older posts.

  1. Choose your titles carefully. There is a temptation to come up with a clever title and that can work sometimes. But it is better to come up with a title that includes the keywords that you want people to find you with. It helps even more if your title is in the form of an actual question that people would search. My top posts from my archives are all in the form of a question.
  2. Put alt tags in your images. It is important to have images in your posts. The step many people forget is putting in the alt (short for alternative) description for the image. Search engines can’t see the image but they can see the alt description. Don’t just put anything in there like “image” or “picture” or “47489.” Aim for one of your keywords, as long as that is what the image represents.
  3. Include links within your post. This is for both internal and external links. Link to other content on your blog and link to other content on websites by other people. All of this helps your SEO plus it provides more information for your readers.

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