Good News: Feeling a Bit Better

For the past number of months, I have been experiencing a sarcoidosis flare. This has been frustrating because my respirologist increased my dosage of prednisone to try and knock it into remission, but instead of relieving the symptoms, they actually got worse.

In addition to not helping the sarcoidosis, the prednisone brought me back into full-blown diabetes and increased my cholesterol. My diabetes and cholesterol are bad enough that I’m now on additional medication for both.

The good news is that as I wean off prednisone, my blood sugar and cholesterol should come down and I should eventually be off those medications.

But that’s the problem.

I began to wean off the prednisone according to the doctor’s instructions but it was too quick of a decrease. Even though I was excited to decrease my prednisone, my body was not ready for the drastic drop and I crashed. I may have felt the worst I have ever had. Breathing in particular was really difficult. I will admit to you that I was rather scared. It almost felt like I was dying.

Consulting with my wife, I increased my prednisone again to just under what I was originally taking. I almost immediately felt some improvement in my health. I’m now on a schedule of decreasing the prednisone at a much slower rate and that is going well.

Most of last week I felt terrible but the last couple of days I have felt much better. I was able to do some things that I hadn’t, such as taking a walk and having a bonfire in the backyard. The whole experience has helped me to appreciate the health I have.

I’m thankful for my church, which has been very supportive. Even more, I’m thankful for my wife Amanda. My wife has really been there for me, especially considering we are in the process of moving and our son has a broken leg. I don’t take it likely. (See The Importance of Having a Supportive Family When Living With Chronic Illness)

This is my Good News.

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