Why Bloggers Should Start Their Email List Right Away

Email ListIf you are intending to take your blogging activity seriously, I recommend that begin building your email list now. I mean, right now. The sooner the better.

You might think there is no point yet. You don’t have an eBook to promote. You don’t have an online course to offer. You just don’t have any content, other than your regular blog posts, to offer your email subscribers.

Start your email list anyway.

The reason for this is that it takes time to build an email list and you don’t want to wait until you have something to promote before you begin trying to build that list. Starting the list now doesn’t mean that you need to begin a weekly email newsletter. You could do something monthly, quarterly, or even just when a certain event or opportunity comes up.

But start it right away.

There are plenty of email services out there, but I use mailchimp. They are the only one I have used so I have nothing to compare them with but I have been happy with them. I use them both for my own newsletters, as well as my church’s weekly email newsletter.

I will address different things that you can do with your email list in a future post, but for now, start building that email list. My one warning is that you NEVER add people to your list without their permission. Ideally, get them to opt in on their own. On rare occasions, you can add them manually when they give you explicit permission.

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