Good News: Positive Change

There is a joke that Baptists don’t believe in change. I’m thankful that is not the case with my church, Queen Street Baptist Church.

Today we had an important business meeting. Business meetings are usually either boring or full of conflict. This was neither. We looked at and voted on a number of important changes for our church and it was done in an extremely positive way. We are definitely in a time of transition and I believe this to be a transition to more effective and efficient ministry.

These are the changes that are taking place:

  • We voted for and accepted quite a few changes to our constitution. While we cleaned up a number of things, one of the most important changes had to do with our leadership structure. We had a fairly complex structure that required a large amount of volunteers and committees. We radically simplified things by adopting a structure with two main boards: a Board of Deacons and a Board of Management. This will really make leadership easier and help me to focus on developing these leaders.
  • We have recently hired a caretaker and cleaner on a contract basis.
  • Our deacons are close to hiring a Director of Outreach. We have chosen someone and we just need to work out some details and hope to announce the new person fairly soon. This will be a half-time staff person that I will work closely with.
  • We have decided to split our current Music Director position into two positions: an Organist and a Music Director. Our current Music Director will become our Organist and we will hire a new Music Director who will work closely with the Organist and myself.
  • In addition to all this, we even passed our budget for 2018.

This is a lot of change. What impresses me most is not just that all this was accepted, but that it was done in a spirit of hope and positive change. People were very open to the changes and are anticipating the good ministry that will be continuing in our community.

I have enough pastor friends in other churches to know that what I witnessed today is not the story everywhere. Too often bitter conflict comes up over just minor change. We are going through tremendous change and people are doing it with a positive attitude. I’m extremely proud of Queen Street Baptist Church.

We had a great business meeting and this Good News.

PS One of the things that may of contributed to a great meeting is that Amanda made some delicious soup for us to enjoy during the meeting. I’m so thankful for her hard work.

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