Love Thy Body – Review

What are the most controversial issues facing society today? In addition to long-time debates about abortion and casual sex, there is an increase in discussions about euthanasia, as well as an almost total reversal in attitudes toward homosexuality and transgenderism.

Is there anything that ties these issues together other than they get people really upset?

Love Thy BodyNancy Pearcey, in her new book Love Thy Body, brilliantly brings them together under a common idea of how people see the body. Using the work of Francis Schaeffer, Pearcey demonstrates that people have created a two-tiered conception that divides our being, allowing for a dismissal of the role of the body.

An example is that of transgenderism. Gender dysphoria is real and the pain should be addressed. But our society has bought in uncritically that the problem is with the body and not with the feelings. Similar things take place with numerous issues that regularly make our headlines.

This is important for the church to look at because we are partially responsible for where we have come. A form of gnosticism still infects the church, looking at the spirit as good and the body as bad, even the Bible teaches that both are important.

Nancy Pearcey is a remarkably clear thinker who, even if you disagree with her, should make you think. She is able to present the issues in such a way that makes the reader address their own preconceptions.

Although she hits all of the topics most likely to offend, she does not come at them seeking to enrage. In fact, I found that she regularly brought the questions back to real people and that she looks at people immersed in these situations with tremendous compassion. Pearcey not only thinks deeply about the issues, she enters into relationships with the people facing them.

Will Pearcey offend people with this book? Absolutely. But she addresses head on topics that the church needs to look at, no matter how unpopular. Aristotle, speaking of his mentor Plato, said this, “Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth.” In Love Thy Body, Nancy Pearcey demonstrates a dear love for truth.

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