Don’t Be This Leader

There are a number of leadership styles. Some are better than others and some are a matter of taste or personality. But there is one style that I think is always unhealthy and unfortunately I have seen it a number of times.

This is the leader who attempts to do everything. Now there are two types of leaders who do this and there are problems with both.

The first type is the leader who wants to do everything and is convinced that they can do all the tasks better than anyone else. This is bad but this is not the leader that I want to focus on.

The second leader is the leader who does everything but really wants others to step in. Instead of raising up and equipping others to take on the task, this leader hopes that followers will notice all the work they are doing and will volunteer to help. The motivation for people to help out is guilt over how hard the leader is working.

From my observance of such leaders, the people do notice the hard work and they do feel bad about it, but rarely do they volunteer to take over. They just continue to feel concern over how hard the leader is working.

Guilt trips are no way to raise up leaders. It is much better to develop relationships with people, discover their skills and passions and then release them in the areas that fit. This is so much more effective and rewarding.

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