Good News: Getting Settled In

Things are coming together in our new home. This past week, our children started at their new school and are already making friends. They seem to be comfortable with our new house and our new neighbourhood.

I have moved most of my books to my office at church. Previously I only kept my biblical commentaries and ministry-related books at my office. Now most of my books are there and it is feeling much more like me. Even my fish tank is there.

There is a real sense that this is a new chapter of our life. I have just completed my second year at the church. I have accomplished a lot of what I wanted and am looking forward to many more years of ministry there. I feel as if I have begun the relationships that will lead to real spiritual growth.

In addition to this, my health is starting to get better. My blood sugar is closer to normal and I can now go on walks and get exercise again. I really feel much better than I did a couple of weeks ago.

In general, things are going well. I’m thankful for the way life is going. This is my Good News.

Why do I blog Good News?

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