Gospel Fluency Handbook

Gospel Fluency Handbook – Review

Gospel Fluency HandbookThe gospel should be central to the life of every follower of Jesus. But I find that even evangelicals (that label comes from the Greek for gospel) have trouble explaining what the gospel is. They are vaguely aware that it has something to do with believing in Jesus on the cross but that’s about it.

While understanding the gospel is an important first step, we also need to live out the gospel. That is why I’m thankful for the Gospel Fluency Handbook by Jeff Vanderstelt and Ben Connelly.

I love the image of fluency. I have learned some vocabulary of French, German and Spanish, but I’m far from fluent in any of them. I would need to immerse myself in those languages, spending time with people who spoke those languages and get to the point that I was thinking in those languages.

The same principle holds true for the gospel. If we are to become fluent in the gospel, we need to do more than just define the word. We need to immerse ourselves in the gospel, to train ourselves to look both inward and outward with gospel eyes.

The Gospel Fluency Handbook is an eight-week study that takes the participant over and over and deeper and deeper into the gospel and what it means.

This is a fantastic resource that would be of tremendous use for any small group.

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