7 Things Pastors Need to Be Reminded Of

Being a pastor of a church is a rewarding career. Most pastors are quite passionate about their ministry. But pastors need more than excitement to be successful long-term. Here are seven things that pastors need to remember.

  1. Pastors need to equip the congregation for ministry rather than doing all the ministry themselves.
  2. Pastors will never be able to please everyone, nor should they try.
  3. Pastors need to take care of their families and shouldn’t sacrifice their family on the altar of ministry.
  4. Pastors need to take care of themselves, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  5. Pastors must focus on their faithfulness to the resources they have been given rather than how they compare to others.
  6. Prayer may be the most important activity for the pastor.
  7. The Pastor needs to continually remind the congregation of their mission and to hold them to it.

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