Good News: The Final Test

FamilyMuch of my Good News lately has been about moving into our new home. Does this make me materialistic? Am I too focused on possessions? This weekend was a reminder that our new home was a blessing in the way that really counts.

This weekend was our first visit from Logan and Abby at this house. Our oldest children live in a group home because of their autism. Having them home would be the final test as to the quality of our home.

In our last house, our TV was downstairs and Logan and Abby would spend much of their time away from us. We could not be down there, because we had to guard the kitchen from Abby. Our visits were not as fun as they could be.

While we do have TV downstairs now, we have one on our main floor as well. We were able to sit with Logan and Abby and watch the kitchen all at the same time. We ended up having one of our best visits in a long time. Logan and Abby gave their seal of approval for the house.

FamilyTo top things off, Logan came with us to church this morning. This was his first time at church in a number of months. He really seemed to enjoy it, and not just because of all the cookies he ate after the service.

This has been a great weekend and this is my Good News.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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