Doctor Strange – Review

Doctor Strange

I had the opportunity to see the Doctor Strange movie today. Since it was the day before my birthday, I had the choice of which movie my wife and I would see. Thankfully, my wife also enjoyed Doctor Strange.

First I need to say that I never collected Doctor Strange comics. I was more of a DC guy and the few Marvel titles I collected did not include Doctor Strange. But from what little I know, it seems the movie was fairly faithful to the source material. In fact, the dark dimension with all of its CGI definitely had a Steve Ditko feel.

What are my first thoughts? I must say that it was one of the most visually striking of any superhero movie so far. The special effects were amazing, not just in the quality of the graphics but in the imagination of those who conceived of it. My wife and I generally avoid 3D movies, feeling that most movies don’t take enough advantage of the 3D for it to be worth the extra cash. But Doctor Strange really used it well and it is one of the few movies that I would recommend people see in 3D.
Doctor Strange is basically a story of redemption. Stephen Strange thinks he is looking for healing for his hands but he is really needing healing for his soul. His materialistic worldview is shaken to its core.

Doctor Strange, despite having the temptation to be dark, chooses to embrace the trend of injecting humour into it. While not quite at the Guardians of the Galaxy level, there were some pretty funny moments. In fact one of my favourite characters in the movie is Strange’s cape. You need to see it to understand.

Doctor Strange was a fun and entertaining movie. Benedict Cumberbatch did a fantastic job of portraying both the pompous neurosurgeon and the humbled superhero. If you like superhero movies, this is one is worth seeing.

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