What to Include in an Email Newsletter

NewsletterI have previously blogged on why bloggers should start compiling an email list right away. But an email list should be gathered for a reason and not just to have another task to complete. One of the things that you can do with an email list is to start an email newsletter.

The frequency of the newsletter is up to you. My Blog Coaching newsletter is monthly while my Hope’s Reason newsletter is weekly. The Hope’s Reason newsletter started monthly but was moved to weekly when I decided to include more content.

It is great that people to subscribe to your newsletter but you need to make the newsletter worth receiving. Some people will always unsubscribe but you can do certain things to keep people on your list.

There are a variety of things that you can include in your newsletter. Here are some ideas:

  • Some original content such as an article that is not found on your blog.
  • Cut and paste one of your popular blog posts.
  • A list of recent blog posts or podcast episodes.
  • Announcements about upcoming projects or events.
  • Links to products you are selling or affiliates you are promoting.
  • A roundup of other people’s content related to your blog.
  • Personal information about what is happening in your life.
  • Since this is specifically about Christian blogging, I will add prayer requests to what you can include.

The key is to find out what people are interested in. Think about what you would want if you were receiving this from someone else. Experiment by trying different formats and types of content. Keep track of links that are clicked and subscribers who unsubscribe. But when you experiment, change only one thing at a time so you have some idea of what is or is not working.

What do you use in your newsletter?

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