Top Ten Leadership Blogs – January 2018

There are some amazing leadership blogs for pastors and other Christians leaders. I share five of these every week in my Weekend Leadership Roundup. I have been compiling a top ten list for apologetics blogs for some time and I thought I would do the same for leadership blogs.

How did I compile this list? I used the Alexa ranking. This was complicated because I really enjoy Ed Setzer and Karl Vater’s blogs, but Alexa just ranked them as So I ended up leaving them out, as well as a number of other blogs that were subdomains of other websites. Still, it did give me a pretty good list.

If you want to see my full list of leadership blogs, you can find it here. If you have some for me to add to the list, please contact me.

  1. Michael Hyatt
  2. ChurchLeaders
  3. Thom Rainer
  5. Carey Nieuwhof
  6. Vanderbloemen
  7. Ron Edmondson
  8. Russell Moore
  9. Chuck Lawless
  10. Tony Morgan Live
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