Big Hero 6 – Review


Big Hero 6

We recently took the family to see Big Hero 6. What many people probably do not realize is that this is based on a Marvel comic. In fact if you watch carefully, you will see a brief appearance by Stan Lee.

We absolutely loved the movie. The animation was beautiful and the story was engaging. The basic story is about a boy named Hiro who needs to deal with a loss. In this, he is aided by some friends and a medical robot called Baymax.

By far the best character is Baymax. Despite being a robot with no emotions, he has the most entertaining personality of all of them.

That does not sound like a standard superhero movie and it is not. It is better. The moral message of the movie is about dealing with desires for revenge.

Big Hero 6 is the kind of movie that adults and children will enjoy. It is one that we intend on buying when it is released on DVD.

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