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One of the big parts of my childhood was collecting comic books. It started with war comics and moved on to superhero comics. I was mainly into DC but had a good Marvel collection as well. By the time I was done, I had thousands of comics.

I no longer collect comic books. A couple of years ago, I sold the majority of my collection. I only kept the oldest comics plus a few others that had either sentimental or financial value.

I do still enjoy a good superhero movie. Marvel has been doing a good job and I like the DC movies as well, even if the critics don’t. I also enjoy science fiction. I’m part of the rare breed that likes both Star Trek and Star Wars.

Why do I bring all this up?

If you have any of the same interests as me, you might like my comic book blog. It’s called The Comic Book Geek. This is not a place for me to reflect deeply on philosophical or theological issues. It’s a place for me to geek out.

I encourage you to visit my blog and join me in having fun in the world of comic books, superheroes and science fiction.

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