What I Miss About Collecting Comic Books

Comic Books

Collecting comic books was an important part of my childhood. While I no longer collect comics, there are things that I miss about it, something that I can’t get back.

When I started collecting comics, I did not buy them from a comic book store. I got them from one of two convenience stores near my house. It was good to have two to choose from, as sometimes one store would sell out of an issue before I got there.

There was something exciting about showing up at the store with a handful of quarters (yes, they were that cheap then) and not know what you were going to walk out with. The comics were placed in a spinning rack and I would spin it around, scanning for the next issue of a series I collected or something new to try out.

Kids today will not know that feeling. I have nothing against comic book stores, as I eventually moved to those as well. But I still miss the spinning rack and the anticipation of what I was going to find.

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