Thoughts on Jessica Jones

Jessica JonesMy wife and I finished watching the first season of Jessica Jones last night. What did I think of it? I thought it was one of the best superhero seasons I have watched. Having one long storyline made it almost seem like the old serials.

Jessica Jones was a very interesting character. She is very complex, wanting to deny her role as hero but unable to escape it. The portrayal of her PTSD was well done.

Killgrave was one of the best villains I have encountered. He too is a complex character, very evil but also broken by his own experiences.

If there was one thing I did not like about the series, it was the sex. I’m no prude but to me it seemed unnecessary for the story. Seeing Jessica and Luke break bed did not move the story forward. It felt like the series was trying too hard to show itself as dark and gritty. But Walking Dead is dark and gritty and it avoids the sex.

Overall, it was a good season and I look forward to what happens next in the Hell’s Kitchen corner of the MCU.

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