Teen Titans Go!

Although my son likes superheroes in general and one of my daughters likes certain superhero movies, my youngest is not interest at all. Except for Teen Titans Go!

I need to make a confession. When I first saw Teen Titans Go, I hated it. I used to collect the Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Teen Titans. Since the Teen Titans Go lineup is similar to the NTT, the differences are huge. Teen Titans Go seemed like a mockery of classic comics.

My kids binge watch Teen Titans Go. At the beginning it drove me crazy. But over time, it actually has grown on me.

It is kind of fun how they pick a variety of characters from the DC Universe and give them a twist. But they include so much more of that. There are tons of cultural references, many of which only parents would get.

The stories are actually well written. I would describe Teen Titans Go as the Simpsons of the superhero world. It is satire that can be extremely entertaining for adults and kids.

So the bottom line is that I’ve been corrupted. Young Justice they are not, but fun TV it is.

Teen Titans Go


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