Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – Feb. 2018

There are some great apologetics blogs out there, both single and multi-author blogs. I have compiled a list of the top ten in each category. I use the Alexa ranking to determine who makes the list. I promise that I didn’t cheat to get my blog in the top ten! You can find my master list here. If you would like to see your blog rise in the ranks, consider blog coaching.

Single Author Apologetics Blogs

  1. Cold-Case Christianity
  2. Hope’s Reason
  3. James Bishop
  4. Canon Fodder
  5. Wintery Knight
  6. Apologetics 315
  7. Sean McDowell
  8. Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes
  9. The Tentative Apologist
  10. Thinking Christian

Multi-Author Apologetics Blogs

  1. RZIM Global Blog
  2. Evolution News
  3. Stand to Reason
  4. Cross Examined
  5. Bethinking
  6. Reasons to Believe
  7. Reasons for Jesus
  8. The Poached Egg
  9. Veritas Forum
  10. Christian Apologetics Alliance
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