Good News: Amanda is Recovering Well

Stephen BedardMy wife Amanda had surgery on Friday. The surgery she had was a gastric bypass, which is fairly serious surgery. Thankfully the surgery went well and Amanda is recovering. I haven’t seen Amanda since before the surgery and I’m eager to bring her home, but not until she has recovered enough for it.

My Good News is that Amanda is doing well. But my Good News is also that Amanda chose to go through with this surgery. This was completely her idea and it was a big step for her to do this. This is something that Amanda did for herself, something she doesn’t often do, as she focuses on other people’s needs.

I’m glad that Amanda is doing this and is making good decisions. I’m very proud of her. You can follow her journey on her YouTube channel. In the mean time, keep praying for Amanda and her recovery.

Why do I blog Good News?

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