Miraculous Healings From Autism?

I came across an article from the Charisma magazine website written by Becky Dvorak titled Miraculous Healings for Autism Begin to Manifest. How do I respond to this?

When our children were first diagnosed with autism, we had a couple of friends message us out of frustration as to why we didn’t just ask God to heal them. A simple prayer an autism would all be behind us. Or so they suggested.

This article by Becky Dvorak was quite troubling. Like many healing evangelists, there is a lack of documentary evidence for the “healings.” I would be more impressed if developmental paediatrician or psychiatrist was able to testify to the change in symptoms. The truth is that anyone can claim anything. I have been to a number of healing meetings and have seen that what is claimed at the front is not always what really happened.

Let me make clear that I’m not denying the God can heal. I truly believe that God does heal in certain circumstances, although I don’t believe that complete health is the promise for all Christians.

What really bothered me in this article was the talk of an “autistic spirit.” The healing discussed in this article was not a healing of the brain but the expelling of a demon of autism.

Autism is not caused by an autistic spirit or any other demon. Autism is a neurological condition that is likely genetic in nature, although it may include an environmental element. Claims about autistic spirits only causes more isolation for people with autism.

Here is another problem. Having autism is not a problem. Some of the most successful people are on the autism spectrum, and their success is not in spite of their autism but because of it. Many people are able to achieve great accomplishments only because of being on the autism spectrum.

I don’t want to pretend that autism is always easy or that there is no need for prayer. We have had plenty of challenges. And we pray for our children regularly. Not only that, we have seen plenty of little miracles where God intervened in some amazing ways.

This article really bothered me. If you know people with autism, I would suggest that you not send them to Beck Dvorak or anything she has written. But do continue to pray for them.

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