Supergirl TV Series – Review

SupergirlI watched the first episode of the new Supergirl TV series today. Kara, cousin to Kal-El (aka Superman) was sent to Earth as a child to protect her young cousin. A space accident caused her to arrive after him and to be physically younger than him on arrival. Superman provided an adoptive family with the Danvers so that Kara could grow up normal, her intended mission no longer necessary.

In the series Kara comes across as a female Clark Kent in her all her nerdiness, except in her case it is no act. The first episode deals with her struggle in deciding to move from a normal life to a super life.
I enjoyed the first episode. Kara is likeable in all her insecurity. I really liked the portrayal of James Olsen and his role as link between the two Kryptonians was done effectively. Cat Grant is annoying, exactly the way she is supposed to be.

Watching the first half, one might think that these series is just about a young woman seeking her identity. It is that, but the battle scenes that took place were done very well. This series promises both characterization and action.

Will Supergirl duplicate the success of Arrow and Flash? Only time will tell. I will confess that I enjoyed the first episode of this series more than I did of Gotham.

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