SWWP 4 – The War That Didn’t End All Wars

It is difficult to understand the Second World War without some concept of the First World War. Many of the seeds of what happened in 1939-1945 were planted in 1914-1918. Even some of the battles were fought on the same land by the same countries led by leaders who were in both wars. You can find more episodes here.

This episode provides a very broad outline of the major events of the First World War. For more details, my recommendation is Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August. You can get it as an audiobook and support this podcast at AUDIBLE.

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2 thoughts on “SWWP 4 – The War That Didn’t End All Wars”

  1. I just finished reading a new book out called “Asperger’s Children” by Edith Sheffer. It is a very disturbing read about Hans Asperger during the second world war in Vienna, Austria. He and other colleagues ran clinics basically to determine if children would fit in with the German mandate of a superior race, if the children had the German “volk”. If it was determined they would be uneducatable or a problem in any way ( eg. disabled, down syndrome, trouble with law, unsociable (autistic) they were sent to be killed. Many many children were killed. Although the author was unable to determine if Asperger actually took part in the killing it was found that he did send children to be killed. This changes my whole concept of being associated in any way with that name. A very chilling read but very very important. Just thought I would let you know.

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