5 Opportunities For Apologists

There has been a great increase in the number of Christians who are interested in apologetics. I think this is a good thing. I have encountered a number of new and extremely talented apologists over the past couple of years.

What does an apologist do? Well, apologetics of course. But what does that look like? What contexts are available? Here are five opportunities for apologists to practice their gifts.

1. Apologetics Speaker

You don’t need to begin by becoming the keynote speaker at a major apologetics conference. There are plenty of opportunities for someone just starting out. If you can’t find an opportunity, create one. Get as many small speaking engagements as possible and slowly work your way up to bigger events.

2. Professor

Many people interested in apologetics dream about teaching apologetics at the college or seminary level. That of course requires certain academic qualifications but it is a noble goal. I would suggest looking beyond just teaching apologetics. While I have taught apologetics, I more often teach biblical studies, but I include apologetics in those subjects.

3. Pastor

Unfortunately, many Christians often divide the pastoral role from that of apologetics. Sometimes that comes from pastors themselves. However, there is a role for apologetics in the work of the local church. Not every sermon should be based on apologetics but apologetics-related topics can be integrated into preaching and other pastoral roles. See my post Why Apologetics is Essential to Being a Pastor.

4. Blogger

There is still a need for good quality apologetics blogging. The opportunities provided by the internet have not been exhausted. If we don’t fill up the web with good answers to faith questions, then it will be filled with bad answers. You can start an apologetics blog with no cost to yourself but time and energy. See my post Is Apologetics Blogging Dead?

5. Author

This opportunity is related to the previous in that they both involve writing. But in this context, I’m talking about writing books, whether physical or eBooks. We have seen an explosion in apologetics-related books but there is still a need. The ultimate goal should be to find a reputable publisher, but there is nothing wrong with self-publishing. I have done both. I find a topic related to apologetics and start writing. There is someone waiting to hear what you have to say.

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2 thoughts on “5 Opportunities For Apologists”

  1. Great post as always Stephen. May I suggest another opportunity–get involved in the public debate. Most newspapers open their websites to comments and often when news topics intersect with Christianity, there are few arguments from our side. I would encourage apologists to interact with gentleness and respect in these public forum, as it may be the only time secular readers hear from thoughtful Christians.

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