Should You Blog on LinkedIn?

LinkedInWhile many people think of LinkedIn as social media, it is also possible to use LinkedIn as a blogging platform. People blogging on subjects related to technology and business have had some success with LinkedIn. But should you use this as your main blogging platform.

The problem with LinkedIn is that your content is under the control of someone other than yourself. You are building on rented space. Just as you wouldn’t want to invest all your money into renovating a rented apartment, you shouldn’t put all your blogging energy into LinkedIn. You need to build your own platform and that means having your own website.

But that doesn’t mean that LinkedIn doesn’t have a role to play in your blogging strategy. There are a couple of things that you can do. One thing I have done is to copy and paste some of my existing blog posts onto LinkedIn. I then include a link to my website to send readers to more content. Another option is to write the occasional original post for LinkedIn and then include that link to my website.

Posting on LinkedIn will get your content to people who wouldn’t normally see it. But the ultimate goal should be to drive traffic to your website.

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