Who I Would Like to See in a Teen Titans Movie

Teen Titans

Even though the Justice League didn’t do as well as desired, I hope they continue to dig into the DC Universe and bring the characters to the big screen.

One of the groups I would like to see is the Teen Titans. But who should be in a Teen Titans movie? There have been many characters as part of the team over the years. The shared cinematic church that has been set up already will have some say as to who could be in such a movie.

For example, the Flash has been introduced as a young Barry Allen just starting out. Although I like Kidflash, I don’t think he would work at this point. Also Cyborg has become a charter member of the Justice League, so that won’t work either. Aquaman as he has been portrayed seems unlikely to have an Aqualad sidekick. What about the others?

Nightwing – There are plans for a Nightwing solo movie, but I think he would be great as a leader of a Titans movie. With Batman having been around for 20 years in the cinematic universe, Nightwing is likely not a teen. But an adult Nightwing leading the team would work.

Wonder Girl – Wonder Woman has been around since the First World War, so there is plenty of time for a Donna Troy character to have been given powers.

Speedy – Green Arrow has not been introduced yet, but there is no reason for the character to not have been around for a while like Batman. Roy Harper, whether as Speedy or Arsenal, could work.

From the New Teen Titans era, I would love to see Starfire, Raven and Changeling/Beast Boy. Perhaps including Terra as preparation for a future storyline would be good.

That brings together a team of seven interesting characters that would have potential for an awesome Teen Titans movie. Who would you want in a Teen Titans movie?

I wrote this before the live action Titans TV series came out. If you are interested in what I thought of it, check out my review.

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