The Most Uncomfortable Leadership Lesson

LeadershipIt is good to have the opportunity to serve under good and healthy leaders. We should be observant and teachable as we follow them. I served with one pastor and I would meet weekly with him just to ask ministry questions. But there is another leadership lesson that is not as much fun but just as helpful.

Sometimes we serve under leaders who are not as healthy and who make some poor decisions. The temptation could be just to criticize and talk behind their backs. But serving under bad leaders can be just as influential as serving under good leaders.

I can think of a couple of leaders that looking back were not the healthiest in their leadership. I don’t badmouth them but I often find myself going back to those experiences and drawing lessons from them. One of the best ways to learn is by learning from other people’s mistakes.

Patting ourselves on the back that at least we are not as bad as them is not good enough. We need to reflect on what about their leadership was unhealthy. We should ask if we are making those same mistakes. We should then challenge ourselves on how we can avoid making those mistakes.

Every leader, whether good, bad or mediocre, has something for us to learn from. Learning from bad leaders can be uncomfortable but it can also be one of the most profitable experiences of our career.

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