Darkest Hour – Review

Darkest HourThere has been a renewal of historical movies related to the Second World War with the success of Dunkirk. One of the recent offering is Darkest Hour, featuring the first part of Winston’s Churchill time as prime minister.

Portraying Winston Churchill would be a challenge for any actor. I though John Lithgow did a great job in the Crown. But Gary Oldman was just as good in the Darkest Hour, in fact Oldman provided a more three dimensional picture of Churchill in his strength and weakness.

Churchill is sometimes put forth almost as a superhuman figure in the way that he rallied the people of Britain. While he was a powerful leader, he had his share of weaknesses. What I appreciated about this movie was that it showed that Churchill was not opposed just by Hitler but by many British politicians. For some, Churchill’s disastrous plans for Gallipoli in the First World War was still fresh.

I wouldn’t say that Darkest Hour had the same power as Dunkirk. They are two very different movies. But Darkest Hour had its moments, one of the best being the scene in the tube.

I recommend Darkest Hour as a good solid movie that presents one of the most crucial times in recent history.

Second World War

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