Pastors and Social Media

Should pastors on social media. I know of pastors who take it as an item of pride that they have avoided the pressure to be one social media. While that is fine, I also think it is a missed opportunity. So many people are on social media and we have the ability to communicate our message to them.

For those pastor who are on social media, there are some things to consider. I thought I would share a few principles for pastors to keep in mind as they post on social media.

  • People in your church are on social media. Don’t embarrass them.
  • A church that may hire you in the future will likely check your social media. Don’t embarrass yourself.
  • Try to post positive messages instead of a steady stream of negative comments.
  • Remember that both Christians and non-Christians are likely reading your posts.
  • Make sure your posts reflect Gospel truth but don’t be preachy.
  • Be careful with how you criticize political leaders.
  • When in doubt, ask a spouse or another trusted person if you should post something that may divide.
  • Leverage your social media to maximize the message of your congregation.

What other principles should pastors consider?

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